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 TigerFeb06-01.jpg (258511 bytes)  WavroFeb06-12.jpg (165751 bytes)
Steve Wavro, as MC, kicks off the Show and Tell program by sho'n tellin' 'bout his fine intarsia tiger of bloodwood, poplar, basswood, and red oak.  This project took about 40 hours.
VWAutoFeb06-04.jpg (175644 bytes)  MurasFeb06-13.jpg (109439 bytes)  VWAutoFeb06-05.jpg (162394 bytes)
Denis Muras shows off a loovvve bug of black walnut.  This will be one of four.
       LionFeb06-06.jpg (334090 bytes) NicholsFeb06-14.jpg (175379 bytes) BreadCutterFeb06-07.jpg (230979 bytes)
This pride of Africa was scrollsawed by Norm Nichols.  Norm used red oak, mahogany, backed by Baltic birch.  The bread loaf slicer is of maple and coated with five coats of tung oil.
     DrawerFeb06-02.jpg (192200 bytes)   SerigFeb06-15.jpg (252382 bytes)   DrawerFeb06-03.jpg (137030 bytes)
Dennis Serig talked about his project to make drawers for a dresser that he bought. Dennis wasn't happy with the drawers that came with it.
   BoxesFeb06-25.jpg (157825 bytes)  HammerFeb06-16.jpg (137186 bytes)  BoxesFeb06-26.jpg (261555 bytes)
Aaron Hammer crafted these boxes of Spanish cedar, walnut and padouk and then finished with polyurethane.  One box is dedicated to fishing supplies. 
   ShelfFeb06-08.jpg (278941 bytes)  ArnoldFeb06-17.jpg (203032 bytes)   ShelfFeb06-09.jpg (395692 bytes)
Eddy Arnold holds up a shelf that will show off golf balls -- the ones that don't get lost.  His shelves are made of scrap wood and some Brazilian wood flooring. The other shelf is for cordial glasses.
     RoutTableFeb06-10.jpg (206272 bytes)   ThomasFeb06-30.jpg (239393 bytes)   RoutTableFeb06-11.jpg (226242 bytes)
Rich Thomas mugs for the camera showing off his router table he says "evolved".  Rich does not recommend using melamine for anything requiring structural integrity
 DAmicoFeb06-27.jpg (168182 bytes)
Vincent D'Amico explained how he made a light fixure/music stand that matches the furniture situated around the organ on which this light/music stand rests.  Vincent plays the organ at the Italian Center.
   MGSawmillFeb06-28.jpg (145417 bytes)
 Glenn and Michael of M&G Sawmill spoke to club members about their logging and milling business located in Huntsville, Texas.  They will custom cut lumber to suit your needs. 


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