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HusbandDec06-99.jpg (240922 bytes) HusbandDec06-100.jpg (145504 bytes)
John Husband talks to club members around how to properly sharpen tools.  He demonstrated how to use a lighted magnifier to inspect the surface.  He showed everyone how to use a diamond stone with water as lubricant; NOT oil. Use oil on Arkansas stones. Use a styrofoam cup to test your sharpness (the blade, that is).  His tips and techniques were videotaped and will be made available to club members.
DoorPrizeWinnerDec06-98.jpg (173706 bytes)
Today was Brent Brown's lucky day as he won a Kreg K3 pocket hole jig set just for being at the meeting.  Kreg Corporation donated the jig. THANKS KREG!
          SawDec06-58.jpg (384928 bytes)    SweigartDec06-77.jpg (143534 bytes)
We "saw" what Mark Sweigart crafted with this handmade scrollsaw of pecan.  The joints are mortise and tenon but not glued for easy disassembly.  The handles are turned.  The finish is orange shellac.
               GolfCartDec06-56.jpg (252759 bytes)    MurasDec06-78.jpg (134707 bytes)   GolfCartDec06-57.jpg (241817 bytes)
Denis Muras once again shows off his talent for crafting models of vehicles. This time it is a hard maple golf cart -- for miniature golf???  The seats are of aspen
                  BoxDec06-59.jpg (285658 bytes) SaladTongsDec06-81.jpg (301267 bytes)    BoxDec06-60.jpg (336593 bytes) WhiteDec06-80.jpg (167431 bytes)
Bill White explained to club members how he carved the top to this box by hand. The walnut came from a cousin's tree (uh...where else would it come from?) in Alabama.  The box part is red oak. The salad tongs were a quickie project as a Christmas gift idea.

       NicholsDec06-83.jpg (161543 bytes)    NicholsDec06-82.jpg (165970 bytes)               ScrollBoxDec06-62.jpg (436056 bytes)     ScrollBoxDec06-61.jpg (422465 bytes)

Norm Nichols scrollsawed this box for the club's box contest and then entered it in the Fort Bend County Fair.  Congrats Norm for a Blue Ribbon and Best of Show.
             AndersonDec06-85.jpg (192664 bytes)    AndersonDec06-86.jpg (315064 bytes)         ToysDec06-64.jpg (256525 bytes)     ToysDec06-72.jpg (287241 bytes)
Toys for donation crafted by Andy Anderson, Marcus Brun and Glen Edwards are shown by Andy.

TigerDec06-63.jpg (378625 bytes)  WavroDec06-87.jpg (231499 bytes)

Steve Wavro shows his scrollsawed and framed tiger. Greaaaat job Steve!
StudDeskDec06-65.jpg (237411 bytes)  KelleyDec06-88.jpg (247725 bytes)    

StudDeskDec06-71.jpg (198967 bytes)   StudDeskDec06-76.jpg (266501 bytes)

A student desk of maple is one of a pair Lon Kelley made for two grandchildren in Boston.  He finished it with honey maple gel stain and polyurethane.  Lon commented that the stain took out the white color of the maple.
       QueenAnneBenchDec06-67.jpg (345575 bytes)  QueenAnneBenchDec06-68.jpg (469586 bytes)              QueenAnneBenchDec06-102.jpg (329612 bytes)     DotyDec06-89.jpg (321253 bytes)
The intricate carving on the sides of this Queen Anne bench were carved out by the Carve-Wright machine that Irv Doty recently purchased.  Irv's wife upholstered the seat. 
        JigDec06-74.jpg (202344 bytes)     JigDec06-101.jpg (298450 bytes)              GilmerDec06-90.jpg (304928 bytes)      
Ridg Gilmer demonstrated how hand planes are used on these shooting boards.  Ridg learned about this technique at Mark Bolinger's hand plane splinter group.
                   CutBoardDec06-66.jpg (247539 bytes) ThomasDec06-93.jpg (139731 bytes)
This cutting board of ipe (pronounced "epay") was glued up by Rich Thomas.  Rich explained it as an experiment gone wrong and talked about his problems with it.
                  WorkBenchDec06-69.jpg (281785 bytes)      WorkBenchDec06-70.jpg (254200 bytes)     TurnerDec06-95.jpg (182796 bytes)     TurnerDec06-96.jpg (192364 bytes)
 Mike Turner showed club members portable folding work benches made by students in his high school woodworking class.  The work benches were designed by Mike however the students were allowed to improvise.  The tops were made of cafeteria table tops.  hmmm...I wonder if any famous people once ate off those tops??


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