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Rudy Lippert 1st

Aaron Hammer 2nd 

(not present)

Buddy Grant 3rd.

Lon Kelley 


(not present)

Denis Muras 2nd

Rich Thomas 3rd

Bill White 


(not present)

Monte Richard 2nd 

(not present)

Norm Nichols 3rd

At the March meeting many boxes were entered into our first annual box competition.  Judges from the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft judged the event.  The winners are shown above.
DoorPrizeWinApr06-60.jpg (91553 bytes)
John Jackson grabbed the door prize provided by our guest speaker, Darin Waite, from the DeWalt Corp.
        DeWaltRepApr06-61.jpg (77005 bytes)
Darin Waite from DeWalt Corporation spoke about the history of DeWalt, Delta, and Porter-Cable and how their mergers and acquisitions will affect the future of tools for woodworking. 
              BoxApr06-42.jpg (249263 bytes) SandovalApr06-54.jpg (180451 bytes)  BoxApr06-43.jpg (198148 bytes)
Inspired by a box that he saw in Cologne, Germany, Fred Sandoval then crafted his own version in pine.
   ClockApr06-47.jpg (159068 bytes)  KouryApr06-58.jpg (203347 bytes) ClockApr06-48.jpg (127599 bytes) 
Scrollsawed clocks are a specialty of Paul Koury.  These clocks were featured at the Woodworkers Show last month.
               DrwBorPinApr06-45.jpg (167704 bytes)  SweigartApr06-59.jpg (89121 bytes)
No, these aren't toad stickers, they are Draw Boring Pins crafted by Mark Sweigart.  The handles are of red oak.  Oh! What's a draw boring pin, you say?  This tool is used to pull a tenon into a mortise so you can then insert a dowel pin. 
StudDeskApr06-44.jpg (141185 bytes)  RowenApr06-57.jpg (121171 bytes)
This student desk was first built about 25 years ago by Gary Rowen.  The design was fairly simple and came out of a home magazine such as Good Housekeeping or BH&G.  The top is of plywood rimmed by home improvement center #2 whatever as is with the other wood pieces. It originally was polyurethaned.  Gary sanded it down some, filled in a few battle scars, then primed and painted.  The drawers can be inserted from behind making the desk drawers on the right side.
         ThomasApr06-62.jpg (110852 bytes)
Rich Thomas was elected by club members to replace Walter Mason who resigned his Board of Directors position --something about a job in Florida.....and ... uh... that his commuter jet had been grounded????.


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