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Walter Mason show club members his scrollsawed Victorian house of Baltic birch on a walnut back.  Walter took about eight hours to complete. 

    VictHouseOct04-01.jpg (289354 bytes)   MasonOct04-11.jpg (107830 bytes)  


          HighChairOct04-07.jpg (257798 bytes) ShakOct04-12.jpg (262254 bytes) HighChairOct04-08.jpg (322944 bytes)        

A friend of Dan Shaklovitz crafted the the intarsia teddy bear that graces the back of this high chair of white oak built  Dan Shaklovitz.  Because of the numerous angles required in the assembly Dan constructed a special jig.  The chair is finished with Bartleys natural clear gel.


Ken Kooser holds the top to the Hoosier table, a table that can be either a stool or a table.  Ken also showed club members his toothpick holder of redwood and his dust collector -- and I always thought knick-knacks were dust collectors.....heh.......heh.. KooserOct04-17.jpg (177517 bytes)

  Stool-StandOct04-05.jpg (352996 bytes) Stool-StandOct04-06.jpg (354721 bytes) DustCollOct04-04.jpg (150596 bytes) ToothPickHoldOct04-02.jpg (139617 bytes)


    MalletOct04-03.jpg (232395 bytes)  HoneyOct04-19.jpg (213899 bytes)

Brian Honey explains how he turned his mallet of cedar elm.    


This traditional bookcase of mahogany was crafted by Steve Procter.  Steve also showed us jigs that he used to cut the curved molding using custom manufactured cutters in a mold machine.  The inside arch is of bent plywood. Steve pointed out that traditional furniture requires a certain amount of fluting or "fancy" edges.      

BookCaseOct04-09.jpg (306536 bytes)   ProctorOct04-23.jpg (222030 bytes) BookCaseOct04-10.jpg (295952 bytes)  ProctorOct04-21.jpg (231265 bytes)


   MurasOct04-24.jpg (151161 bytes)  

Denis Muras holds a toy airplane that he made.     


Eddy Arnold explained that this coffee table top rests on eight 1/8 inch pieces of plywood glued together to form curved legs. This table is a prototype.          

  CoffTableOct04-27.jpg (114864 bytes)  CoffTableOct04-28.jpg (384391 bytes) CoffTableOct04-30.jpg (209607 bytes)  ArnoldOct04-26.jpg (178872 bytes)


  DoorPrizeMBrunOct04-29.jpg (178521 bytes)

Marcus Brun walks away with the door prize.   


Mr. Ray Shelton of Texas Kiln Products explained the "secrets" of kiln drying wood and how his company in Bastrop, Texas takes native wood, kiln dries them, and makes them available for market. Ray explained why a controlled environment with slow increase of heat slow the movement of moisture through the wood.

Texas Kiln Products, Inc   

SheltonOct04-31.jpg (209188 bytes)    




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