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KooserNov04-22.jpg (165837 bytes)          ChesterAwardNov04-23.jpg (140898 bytes) Ken Kooser crafted these Texas star boxes of Blackjack Texas Oak and Spanish Cedar.  Ken made a box to enclose a soldier's infantry pin, a gift and reflection on Art Chester's service during WWII. 

    TexStarNov04-15.jpg (183446 bytes)    TexStarsNov04-14.jpg (232310 bytes)  


 ScrapBoxNov04-01.jpg (229995 bytes)    ScrapBoxNov04-02.jpg (251372 bytes)    SofaTableNov04-16.jpg (213830 bytes)   SofaTableNov04-10.jpg (176650 bytes)BackGamNov04-03.jpg (574002 bytes)

              ThomasNov04-25.jpg (123742 bytes)Rich Thomas explained how he made this box of various pieces of scrap wood using epoxy as filler -- notice the end grain.  The  backgammon background was needle pointed by his Sister-In-Law while Rich made the frame of mahogany, a gift for his Brother - In - Law.  The sofa table is also made of mahogany and finished with several different stains and varnish.  


ForbesNov04-27.jpg (142732 bytes)           Dottie Forbes crafted this music box of wood from an old demolished garage.  A club member identified the wood as Piranha wood.  hhmmmmm....will the music bite???

     BoxNov04-17.jpg (246575 bytes)   BoxNov04-18.jpg (207974 bytes)


      SlantTopDeskNov04-06.jpg (142943 bytes) SlantTopDeskNov04-07.jpg (262574 bytes) SlantTopDeskNov04-08.jpg (222589 bytes) SlantTopDeskNov04-09.jpg (173337 bytes) SlantTopDeskNov04-42.jpg (170236 bytes) SlantTopDeskNov04-43.jpg (177532 bytes)

HutchisonNov04-29.jpg (186434 bytes) Jack Hutchison explains the history of the Gov Wintrop Slant Top Desk that he replicated.    This period piece contains many dovetailed joints made on a Leigh Jig.  The hardware is, "Holy Shellac Batman", Chippendale batwing style.  Notice the raised panel drawer bottoms and the shelf supports of sawtoothed pieces.  Shiplap pine backs the desk which contains no plywood or MDF.  A multi-coat process of linseed oil and shellac topped off with wipe-on polyurethane finishes the project.   


ShaklovitzNov04-33.jpg (134837 bytes)     Dan Shaklovitz demonstrates the proper technique for operating this heart rocker (not hard rocker) made of bowling alley maple -- you can almost hear the pins tumbling --from Nagodoches.      

  RockChairNov04-11.jpg (167844 bytes)   RockChairNov04-12.jpg (207751 bytes) RockChairNov04-13.jpg (188189 bytes) 


     ChessBoardNov04-04.jpg (255294 bytes)     ChessBoardNov04-05.jpg (204869 bytes)   

BrunNov04-34.jpg (162505 bytes)  Marcus Brun talks about this fine chessboard crafted of walnut from dumpster diving and bowling alley maple -- more pins crashing --.  The frame is of mahogany.  The chamfer on the square tiles create a 3-D look.     


Lon Kelley says that he doesn't know what to do with this wind tunnel he built, although he is an airplane enthusiast -- test wooden airplanes???          

    KelleyNov04-39.jpg (221844 bytes)   


  ThompsonNov04-44.jpg (161390 bytes)    Arthur Thompson wins the door prize at the November club meeting.

MasonNov04-46.jpg (121428 bytes)   Walter Mason holds up a sample of one of many pieces of hardwood that he brought in for his talk to club members on types of wood.   




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