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Biesemeyer Fence Jig     Hand Cut Dove Tail Box    Short Fence Jig      Mission Style End Table      Kelly Jigs       Router Jig/ Box of Zebra Wood and Tiger Head       MAX QUENON of ROCKLER 

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 Ken Kooser showed club members the fence jig he constructed to fit especially over his Biesemeyer table saw fence. ... KooserApr04-3.jpg (54125 bytes)
     MatkinApr04-4.jpg (103779 bytes) MatkinApr04-5.jpg (97391 bytes) Tom Makin explained how this lidded box of white pine was an exercise in hand cut dove tail joints. He finished it with shellac and varnish
     Ridg Gilmer showed members his adjustable "short fence" for use on his Delta Unisaw.  It is for narrow pieces. GilmerApr04-6.jpg (101741 bytes) GilmerApr04-7.jpg (74946 bytes)

 ThomasRichApr04-9.jpg (88947 bytes)

This Mission style end table of oak with walnut top was crafted by Rich Thomas.  6-8 coats of wipe on polyurethane followed by butchers wax then steel wooled to buff out finished it. Rich also pointed out the article from which he gathered the inspiration and plans.

From left to right, a jig for his Biesemeyer fence was showed to club members by Mike Kelley.  Mike explained and showed how he hides the pulley port of his table.  (It hides his faces too) His creative talent rose to the occassion to help him design a counterweight for the table of his Shopsmith when the Shopsmith is used as a drill press.  Whazamatta Mike, ya don lak pumpin' arn?     KellyMikeApr04-13.jpg (48280 bytes) KellyMikeApr04-10.jpg (29302 bytes)KellyMikeApr04-12.jpg (60026 bytes)
                 Scott and KyleAdams proudly show off their scrollwork pieces to the club.
From left to right, Denis Muras explained to club members how is router lift gadget works.  His box of zebra wood made with, what else?, box joints.  And, his carved tiger head. MurasApr04-14.jpg (48992 bytes)   MurasApr04-16.jpg (37769 bytes)  MurasApr04-18.jpg (46926 bytes)
 QuenonMaxApr04-21.jpg (40572 bytes)Max Quenon of Rockler spoke to the club about the company.

Nationwide Rocker has three main divisions: stores, catalogue sales, and the internet.

Max talked about conducting woodworking classes for all ages and experience levels at his store.  Evening classes with hands-on experience.  Rockler encourages interested people to join clubs and organizations.  

Max noted that tool sales were increasing but also that prices were going up because of material costs and labor.

Max explained how there truck delivery system worked:  The truck delivers once a week from the main warehouse.

The Rockler store will honor internet disccounts explaining that sometimes stores don't receive notice on Internet sales in a timely manner.

Tools with Rockler names on them come as the manufacturer constructed them and sometimes according to Rockler specifications.



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