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Rollaway Cabinet Shaker Step Stool
Pin Cushion Morris Craftsman Chair
Scissors Chair 1-2-3 Design

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Frank Dorr rolled in this rollaway cabinet to show members.  He used a box router bit for the joints. The door fronts are false.  The front is of oak and the lighter wood is pine.  Hardboard is on top.

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Jack Hutchison built this Shaker step stool of quartersawn red oak.  He used a Leigh jig for making the dovetails.  A cherry finish tops his work. 
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Dean Hemphill, as with Jack Hutchison used a Shaker design to craft these pin cushions for sewing.  The stuffing is of shavings.  He cut the threads using an antique screw making box he acquired from an antique show in New England.  The wood is maple.

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 This chair, in the Morris Craftsman style, was crafted by Eddy Arnold of white oak with a golden oak stain topped with a 100% tung oil finish.
MorrisChairSep03-10.jpg (122421 bytes)        MorrisChairSep03-11.jpg (170093 bytes)     MorrisChairSep03-9.jpg (114920 bytes)    ArnoldSep03-16.jpg (65394 bytes)
Rob Brayton receives help from Vic Vuconivich as he talked about his collapsible scissor chair (or camping chair) that he made at Todd Burch's Katy Splinter Group.  The cloth is canvas and the wood is red oak.
BraytonSep03-17.jpg (31415 bytes)       BraytonSep03-18.jpg (34607 bytes)            


Sheila Armstrong Long gave a talk on the 1-2-3 Design program.  She provided examples of projects that can involve children in the construction and assembly.  Christin Dittrich, 10, demonstrates how easy it is to assemble a 1-2-3 Design chair.  Easy to cut patterns laid out on 3/4 inch plywood produce easily assembled chairs, table, etc. 
LongSep03-20.jpg (71982 bytes)  LongSep03-21.jpg (50998 bytes)  DittrichSep03-22.jpg (62232 bytes)  DittrichSep03-23.jpg (67276 bytes)

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