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Rocking Horse Newspaper Rack
End Tables Foot Stool
Tractor and Model A Ford Sedan Table
Boxes Clock
People Feeder Breadboard Edge Topped Table
Carved on the Road Drawer

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This finely crafted rocking horse by David Vandewerker is made of maple and walnut finished with semi-gloss polyurethane.

       RockHorseOct3-15.jpg (176846 bytes)     VandewerkerOct3-33.jpg (66762 bytes)   RockHorseOct3-16.jpg (159476 bytes)      RockHorseOct3-17.jpg (137675 bytes)

This  newspaper rack with a clever fake of a French country finish was made by Walter Mason.  The faux finish started wth two coats of barn red paint under a coat of diluted black paint.  Then he sanded between coats to expose the red creating an old worn look.
             MagRackOct3-7.jpg (161854 bytes)   MasonOct3-34.jpg (52681 bytes)   MagRackOct3-8.jpg (155852 bytes)      

Dick Lewis crafted these two English Arts & Craft style red oak end tables with the help of Jack Hutchison.  Dick made these for his daughter and son-in-law.  A chestnut Minwax stain sits underneath a coating of Formby's Tung Oil topcoat.

         EndTablesOct3-27.jpg (114259 bytes)      LewisOct3-35.jpg (56853 bytes)  EndTablesOct3-28.jpg (137577 bytes)
 Andrew Robinson can put his foot down (or something else) on this foot stool of virola wood.  He used an Inca jig for the dove tails.
              OttomanOct3-12.jpg (114712 bytes)  RobinsonOct3-36.jpg (131537 bytes) OttomanOct3-13.jpg (188310 bytes)
Denis Muras showed clubmembers his completed Model A Ford sedan and introduced a John Deere tractor that he has started.
                 ModelAOct3-18.jpg (85233 bytes)   ModelAOct3-20.jpg (102074 bytes)  ModelAOct3-19.jpg (85997 bytes)

TractorOct3-21.jpg (70841 bytes)   MurasOct3-37.jpg (83487 bytes)   TractorOct3-22.jpg (110189 bytes)


Bill Hochmuth proudly talked about his table made of wood that ...well...he doesn't know what it is kinda wood.  Six coats of polyurethane finishes it.
    TableOct3-9.jpg (162769 bytes)   TableOct3-10.jpg (139396 bytes) HochmuthOct3-38.jpg (85728 bytes) TableOct3-11.jpg (117100 bytes) 
Lon Kelley brought in two boxes that he created for a craft show.  They are of maple and Brazilian Walnut.  The epoxy wood bowl was made for and given to Art Chester because Art kept pestering Lon for one.  hhhmmmm..I wan wun..
BoxesOct3-23.jpg (132013 bytes)  BoxesOct3-24.jpg (87278 bytes) KelleyOct3-39.jpg (71940 bytes) BoxesOct3-25.jpg (138352 bytes) BowlOct3-26.jpg (75081 bytes) 
This scrollsawed clock of poplar, red oak, baltic birch and plywood finished with polyurethane keeps time for Lee Knekow.
ClockOct3-2.jpg (99119 bytes) KnekowOct3-40.jpg (67346 bytes) ClockOct3-3.jpg (139527 bytes)

  This drawer of poplar, baltic birch with a red oak front was shown 

by Dennis Serig.

DrawerOct3-46.jpg (117868 bytes)  SerigOct3-41.jpg (77394 bytes)

Ridg Gilmer credited Jack Hutchison for his gracious help in making this fine breadboard top table of birch.  The breadboard plugs are of walnut.  Only the center pegs of the breadboard edges are glued. 

The finish is natural danish oil.  Ridg has some advice:  dark walnut stain and birch are incompatible; you get blotches.

TableOct3-29.jpg (103597 bytes)     TableOct3-30.jpg (82842 bytes)
Ken Kooser treated members to M&Ms courtesy of his finely crafted "People Feeder".  His wife, Vicky, painted the feeder.  The decagon surround for this Texas star was made of ash; the star of cedar.  Ken made the decagon first then made the Texas star to fit.
PeoFeedOct3-1.jpg (98916 bytes)  PeoFeedOct3-4.jpg (112463 bytes)  KooserOct3-43.jpg (36527 bytes)   TexStarOct3-6.jpg (162050 bytes)

John Gay gave a talk to the club on things to do when your dead in Denver...well....not literally but what you can do when you're on the road.  John explained how he packed a minimum of items to take on the plane; a roll of carving tools, clamps,  small straight saw, coping saw, small drill and bits, table pad and even a dustpan/broom.  Maids love him for cleaning up after himself.  John also recommends a first aid kit for those annoying nicks and gouges.  

Be sure to bring gloves and a thumb guard.

Pictured are examples of John's work.  The box is topped with carved mahogany on top of corian. The spoon is of mahogany although it does look like it is out of Africa.

 CarvingBoxLidOct3-47.jpg (171433 bytes)                            CarvingEagleOct3-31.jpg (70375 bytes)    

CarvingSpoonOct3-45.jpg (97241 bytes)  GayOct3-53.jpg (64010 bytes) GayOct3-52.jpg (50316 bytes)


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