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Scroll Sawed Clock Bowls
Carvings Jewelry Box
Soccer Plaque Dump Truck
Quilt Rack Music Stand
Table Blanket Chest
Dust Collector Circle Saw Presenters
Free Hardware Give-Away

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This was Paul Koury's third scrollsawed clock made of wood he acquired from dumpster diving. 3/4 inch birch for shelves. Polyurethane finish on top of an oak stain.  35 hours of work over a period of 3 weeks. This clock was a learning experience for Paul Koury.  KouryMay03_28.jpg (27789 bytes)

 Robert Pulley showed off his basswood and butternut carvings.  "Forest wood" is his favorite choice of wood, and Jim Taylor for hand tools.  Robert uses Dremel tools for a few details (eyes, e.g.).  The colors are artist oils and acrylics for the birds.  He finishes with spray lacquer. 

CarvingsMay03_07.jpg (42250 bytes)

Carvings2May03_08.jpg (51636 bytes) Carvings4May03_10.jpg (49427 bytes) PulleyMay03_29.jpg (50941 bytes) Carvings3May03_09.jpg (47333 bytes)

SoccerPlaqMay03_14.jpg (37278 bytes)

EdwardsMay03_30.jpg (33699 bytes) Glen Edwards proudly displayed a soccer plaque for his grandaughter who enjoys playing soccer.  
QuiltRackMay03_15.jpg (21129 bytes) Edwards2May03_31.jpg (34844 bytes) Glen Edwards showed the first half of a southwestern style quilt rack.  Most of the design is scrollsawed. Dowel rods will attach this to a matching unit to complete the rack.



Lon Kelley explained how he crafted these bowls using Bondo and epoxy. He found Bondo to be unacceptable.but epoxy works fine.  BowlsMay03_19.jpg (25873 bytes) KelleyMay03_32.jpg (41436 bytes)

Ken Kooser explained how he used MDF veneer for the case part of these jewelry boxes and solid wood for the lid.  

He used a JointTech Smart Sled for his cuts.

 JewlryBox1May03_03.jpg (26802 bytes) JewlryBox2May03_04.jpg (27230 bytes) KooserMay03_33.jpg (37176 bytes) JewlryBox3May03_11.jpg (28531 bytes)
Truck1May03_23.jpg (26855 bytes) Truck2May03_24.jpg (23436 bytes) Hank Merry crafted this dump truck of cherry and red oak.  He used Watco oil as a finish. MerryMay03_34.jpg (34510 bytes)


  VolentineMay03_36.jpg (37614 bytes)

Gene Volentine constructed this exquisite music stand plain sawed red oak for his daughter's orchestra in school. He used MInwax jacobian stain finished with polyurethane.  

     MusStnd1May03_20.jpg (39197 bytes) MusStnd2May03_21.jpg (37140 bytes) MusStnd3May03_22.jpg (44876 bytes) MusStnd4May03_27.jpg (65722 bytes)
This table of red oak and morties and tenon joints was superbly crafted by Marcus Brun.  He used a sock to hand rub in a mixture of 1/2 mineral spirits and 1/2 polyurethane for a finish. The top is 1/2 inch plywood.
Table1May03_12.jpg (34884 bytes) BrunMay03_37.jpg (38256 bytes) Table2May03_13.jpg (40996 bytes)
Dowload this copy of the plan from which Marcus worked. It is high resolution which is will download slowly if you have a modem connection. TablePlanMay03_41.jpg (57471 bytes)
Chest1May03_25.jpg (35708 bytes)  Bob Brayton plans to store blankets in this chest of African mahogany and birch plywood.  He finished with three coats of Deft. Chest2May03_26.jpg (38697 bytes) Brayton2May03_39.jpg (30440 bytes)
This dust collector was made by Hunter Malson of 1/4 plywood. He used a Porter Cable pin nailer and glue. DustColl2May03_18.jpg (26257 bytes) MalsonMay03_40.jpg (29701 bytes) DustCollMay03_17.jpg (27243 bytes)
Bill Harrison and Randy Kuhn talked about the technical aspects of saw blades. CircleSawMay03_42.jpg (21652 bytes)

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Jars-a-HardwareMay03_16.jpg (33433 bytes)

 What was Art Chester giving away?

It wasn't Corian, was it?

Art's neighbor's widow gave away her late husband's collection of jarred hardware.

Not everyone needed free give-away hardware so Hal Clinton grabbed the rest of the jars of hardware in behalf of the Fibromyalgia Association of Houston.

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