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FigurerinesMar08-01.jpg (33748 bytes)          FigurerinesMar08-02.jpg (29541 bytes)       GayMar08-31.jpg (22200 bytes)

These figurines were hand carved by John Gay to pass the time away when he was off the clock at a temporary job  in Kentucky.  He used basswood and limewood.


ClockFretwork2Mar08-09.jpg (35913 bytes)           KouryMar08-32.jpg (26785 bytes) Paul Koury demonstrated his scrollwork skills by crafting this fine clock of mahogany, ash, and birch.  A small clock hides inside the big clock.  60 hours over 3 months. ClockFretworkMar08-08.jpg (45719 bytes)
HutchisonMar08-33.jpg (29820 bytes) EndTableMar08-10.jpg (38194 bytes)
This display table was beautifully crafted by Jack Hutchison of African Padouk. It is the natural color of the wood.  The top piece is actually 3/4 inches but because it is a raised panel the eye is fooled into thinking that the top is 1/2 inch thick.  He finished it with clear shellac and polyurethane.
DolphinMar08-03.jpg (18559 bytes)        EdwardsMar08-34.jpg (28611 bytes)

This intarsia dolphin was hand crafted by Glen Edwards at a seminar sponsored by Rob Thompson.  The wood is poplar and the eye is a mushroom button.  The finish is paint.


BBQPit2Mar08-29.jpg (36151 bytes) BBQPitMar08-28.jpg (36720 bytes) RychlekMar08-35.jpg (37435 bytes) BBQPit3Mar08-30.jpg (39794 bytes)
 This is a real smoker and is not an Aggie for-one-time-use-only barbeque pit that was crafted by Louis Rychlek.
DominoHolderMar08-11.jpg (20858 bytes) A Double Nine domino holder is displayed by Markus Brun.  All we need now is a courthouse yard, right?      BrunMar08-36.jpg (39680 bytes)



      FairchildMar08-37.jpg (42831 bytes) PipesMar08-07.jpg (50642 bytes) These pipes are for smokin' in the observation car along with your favorite brandy.  Briarwood was turned and carved into the final shape.  Lip pieces were purchased.  They were stained with an alcohol based stain, buffed then waxed. About 5-6 hours per pipe.  
BowlsCorianMar08-04.jpg (19402 bytes) VucinovichMar08-38.jpg (40809 bytes) BackScratherMar08-14.jpg (46818 bytes)
BowlsLexanMar08-06.jpg (26298 bytes) Vic Vucinovich displays bowls of corian, acrylic and birch plywood.  The snake was made of bowling alley maple.  Oops!  I mean, the backscratcher BowlsWoodMar08-05.jpg (19665 bytes)
Bench2Mar08-16.jpg (57008 bytes)           MasonMar08-39.jpg (35283 bytes) This bench of walnut dowled cypress and finished with tung oil was finely crafted by Walter Mason. BenchMar08-15.jpg (32062 bytes)
JigTenon2Mar08-18.jpg (24736 bytes)           KooserMar08-41.jpg (33588 bytes) Ken Kooser showed off his tenon jig that he built using plans from a table saw book. JigTenonMar08-17.jpg (28346 bytes)
JoyHopeMar08-12.jpg (36880 bytes)  This man's best friend is featured in mahogany, walnut and Brazilian cherry.  Jim Turner used a stained glass for two of the pieces. TurnerMar08-44.jpg (30798 bytes)
BlanketChest2Mar08-21.jpg (45873 bytes)           MurrayMar08-42.jpg (28517 bytes) John Murray crafted this glass lined quilt chest from Northern Minnesota paper white birch.  Brushed on polyurethane finished it beautifully. BlanketChestMar08-20.jpg (52200 bytes)
FireWoodArtMar08-13.jpg (20382 bytes) A cozy fire in an upstate New York fireplace became the inspiration for this fine piece of art that was affectionately called "firewood".  Gary Hall rescued the piece when he saw what was being shaped by the flames.  After a dousing in snow he knocked off the burnt parts and sanded to the shape seen.  Tung oil provided the finish.
Rocker2Mar08-46.jpg (57507 bytes) BraytonMar08-43.jpg (43350 bytes) This rocker of ash was crafted by Bob Brayton.  He used a 2x4 jig to bend and glue with Titebond 2, quarter inch slats of wood to form the rockers.  Bentley honey gel stain under a coat of Watco Danish Oil finished the rocker. RockerMar08-45.jpg (48472 bytes)
KuhnHarrisonMar08-47.jpg (45424 bytes) Randy Kuhn and Bill Harrison of Circle Saw gave an informative talk to club members about the technical aspects of saw blades.