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Denis Muras showed off his trucks of birch/walnut and birch/mahagony.  These trucks are models of the Chevrolet Apache series. The wheels are for a model A and use toothpicks for spokes.  
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Pickup1Jun15_06.jpg (40368 bytes)                    MurasJun3_24.jpg (70142 bytes) Pickup4Jun15_10.jpg (30488 bytes)
David Vandewerker's tractor for an 18-wheeler is admired by Mike Turner.  It is made of white oak and cherry.

SemiTruck1Jun15_16.jpg (32020 bytes)

SemiTruck2Jun15_17.jpg (31168 bytes) VanderwerkerJun3_25.jpg (47742 bytes) SemiTruck3Jun15_18.jpg (39618 bytes)

Joe Rice introduces his son, Austin, as the craftsman of the tool tray, a cub scout project for their den.  A cherry minwax stain was applied with one of Austin's clean socks. 

ToolTray2Jun3_23.jpg (28201 bytes)                    RiceJun3_26.jpg (56744 bytes) ToolTrayJun3_22.jpg (35469 bytes)
 Gene Volentine didn't have a "proper" name for this cabinet but explained that the lower cabinet part was meant to stow the chamberpot (a toilet for you not so seasoned woodworkers).  Gene used quartersawn sycamore and some bird's eye butternut topped with a lacquer finish.  The flat surfaces are high pressure laminate over MDF.
Cabinet1Jun3_19.jpg (62121 bytes) VolentineJun3_27.jpg (42310 bytes) Cabinet2Jun3_20.jpg (138322 bytes) Cabinet3Jun3_21.jpg (79082 bytes)


Marcus Brun cut out the Texas star with a sabre saw and this fine table of red oak..  Mortise and tenon joints made on a router table join the rails to the legs.  The wood is finished with hand rubbed polyurethane mixed with 50% mineral spirits.
Table2Jun15_13.jpg (54270 bytes) BrunJun3_28.jpg (40522 bytes) TableJun15_12.jpg (70377 bytes)
This step stool was crafted by Fred Sandoval.  The wedge was put in at an angle instead of straight.  He used three quarts of polyurethane over a min wax walnut stain.  The wood is hardware store pine.
StepStoolJun15_11.jpg (88768 bytes)  SandovalJun3_29.jpg (29006 bytes)
 Mike Turner admires Walter Mason's cypress planter in which his wife will plant herbs.  Titebond 2 glue holds everthing together and while not waterproof will hold up as long as the wood is not submerged --- hmmmm.....does that apply in Houston???

PlanterJun3_14.jpg (62055 bytes)       MasonJun3_30.jpg (49526 bytes)     Planter2Jun3_15.jpg (51269 bytes)

   Ken Kooser holds up his cutting board of mahogany and maple and then proceeded to talk about his roll around tool storage cart.  It is made of 2x4 and cabinet grade plywood.  The drawers are of baltic birch and the front face is cherry.  He finished the cart with wipe on polyurethane.
CutBoardJun3_01.jpg (42970 bytes)      RollCart1Jun3_03.jpg (43886 bytes) KooserJun3_32.jpg (63680 bytes) RollCart4Jun3_02.jpg (71282 bytes) RollCart2Jun3_34.jpg (59949 bytes)

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