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Lon Kelley explained how he turned these bowls of wood from the Matagorda beach, mesquite and epoxy.  The big bowl is of mesquite.  Lon stirs the epoxy in a hot water bath to make it thin.  It gels in about a half hour.  For further explanation read Lon's expose on how he did this.


Bowl1Jul03_09.jpg (73656 bytes)



KelleyJul03_16.jpg (34921 bytes) Kelley2Jul03_18.jpg (55948 bytes) Bowl2Jul03_10.jpg (77664 bytes)
Denis Muras proudly displayed his exploded and assembled view of his Ford Model A of maple and black walnut.  If you have to ask what year was the Ford, then you are much too young. 


ModelA1Jul03_07.jpg (36117 bytes)


                  MurasJul03_20.jpg (35312 bytes) ModelA2Jul03_08.jpg (45357 bytes)

Vic Vucinovich showed off his corian and acrylic snowmen. The one with the cord is a xmas decoration.  The 3-D frog was cut out of wood clamped inside the jig shown on the left.  Vic used a double reverse scroll saw blade. 

Snowman1Jul03_01.jpg (86652 bytes)               Snowman2Jul03_02.jpg (56522 bytes) SnowflakeJul03_04.jpg (59338 bytes)
FrogJigJul03_06.jpg (71887 bytes)                VuconivichJul03_23.jpg (30735 bytes)    FrogJul03_05.jpg (13614 bytes)
 Leo Showers brought in samples of cabinet doors that he is working on in three stages of completion.
Doors2Jul03_14.jpg (77891 bytes)          ShowersJul03_24.jpg (34898 bytes)
A round piece of marble tops Gene Volentine's globe stand of cypress and poplar.  The turnings are poplar, the rest, cypress.  Gene dyed the wood with dark mission brown.   Gene does not plan to craft a world globe.
GlobeStandJul03_11.jpg (91830 bytes)         VolentineJul03_19.jpg (58303 bytes)


Fred Sandoval showed the club members his pocket violin (pochette???) that was used by troubedors who would then stuff them in their coat pockets for ease of carrying around from gig to gig.  No "fidlding" around there I suppose.  The stain is yellow water stain with three coats of varnish.  The other violin is a half-size violin of curly maple.  Top is quartersawn wood.  Animal hide glue is used to be able to disassemble pieces for repair or modification.  No finish on the neck, just olive oil.
SandovalJul03_26.jpg (61656 bytes)         Sandoval2Jul03_27.jpg (57386 bytes)
This period piece, circa 1790, of curly walnut was crafted by Jack Hutchison.  It is a Federal style sofa table sans sofa.  Dovetailed joints join the drawer pieces together.  Drawer bottoms are solid quartersawn red oak.  The top is MDF with walnut veneer on top.
Sideboard1Jul03_12.jpg (85058 bytes) Sideboard3Jul03_32.jpg (125403 bytes) Hutchison2Jul03_33.jpg (88662 bytes) Sideboard2Jul03_30.jpg (229130 bytes)
Rich Thomas brought in some pieces of ipe (pronounced "epay", you know, French...uh....Bulgarian..Latin, maybe....) which hails from South and Central America.  Rich built outdoor decking with solid pieces of this wood.  He uses water sealer to keep it looking original.  Rich says the wood is hard to work with but does cut nicely
ThomasJul03_22.jpg (33272 bytes)
Michelle Dudley of WoodTrax explains to club members how WoodTrax software can be used to create lettering, numerals, and other designs that can be printed as scrollsaw patterns.  Her program was a success because the line formed at the rear of the meeting hall to purchase her company's product.
WoodTraxJul03_31.jpg (55346 bytes)
Todd Burch wasn't able to lug this project to the July meeting so he posted it to our WWCH Bulletin Board.  Nice job, Todd.
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