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Todd Hall crafted these fine angels of aspen wood and cedar. The wings are separate pieces from the body.  The box  is made from one solid piece of cherry.  A simple walnut pin allows the lid to slide open.




Train-020308.jpg (79046 bytes)     Muras-020320.jpg (41739 bytes)      Tractor-020309.jpg (44556 bytes)
This train and tractor was scroll sawed by Denis Muras.  He used a Flying Dutchman #5.  It took ten blades to do the train.  The tractor is stack cutting thin sheets that laid on a solid backing.




Trays-020302.jpg (32311 bytes)        Maxwell-020321.jpg (26599 bytes)       Trays-020311.jpg (34767 bytes)
Chuck Maxwell showed us a collection of legless oak playwood TV trays that he made a few years ago.  




Cane1-020314.jpg (70576 bytes)                Washington020322.jpg (37552 bytes)
                      Cane2-020315.jpg (29305 bytes)


This beautifully hand carved walking stick of cedar was crafted by Larry Washington.  Christmas tree red beads form the dog's eyes.  The cane is finished with an epoxy resin




Boxes-020303.jpg (34591 bytes) Boxes-020304.jpg (42628 bytes) Kelley-020323.jpg (136999 bytes) Boxes-020310.jpg (57743 bytes) Boxes-020312.jpg (39467 bytes) 
 Lon Kelley displayed two pattern boxes of maple and imbulio that was inspired by the chains that lock a pirate's treasure chest closed.




Bowl-020333.jpg (48871 bytes)     Rice-020325.jpg (34244 bytes)     Pens-020334.jpg (40730 bytes)
Joe Rice turned this mahogany bowl and two pens; one of cocabolo and the other two of corian


Table-020328.jpg (24599 bytes) Table-020329.jpg (32090 bytes) Volentine-020326.jpg (30210 bytes) Table-020330.jpg (28457 bytes) Table-020331.jpg (40347 bytes)
Gene Volentine proudly display this unique mahogany game table.  The top unfolds like a napkin and rotates to form a large square top.  Two coats of sanding sealer followed by two coats of polyerothane finish the table.  Gene says about 80 hours was required for this project.


CedarBoard-020335.jpg (13991 bytes) Dorr-020327.jpg (34750 bytes)
Fank Door showed us a most interesting piece of cedar taken from his patio that he was tearing down to remodel.  He pointe out that carpenter bees had made several interesting patterns in the wood.