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 Jack Hutchison explained to club members how he fashioned his puzzle box using a router-mortise jig and a bottom cutter spiral plunge router bit.   Jack first used a forster bit to rough out the opening then followed up with a plunge bit using the mortise jig as a guide.  The bit he chose has bearings and not a bushing.
HutchisonDec03-28.jpg (67614 bytes)  PuzzBoxDec03-41.jpg (160710 bytes) HutchisonDec03-29.jpg (83790 bytes)
Joe Rice proudly displays the bowls he crafted from a log.  A couple of the bowls have Corian attached to the wood using Gorilla glue.  Joe scrollsawed the cross of mahogany as a gift for his wife.  It is finished in tung oil.
BowlsDec03-27.jpg (147493 bytes) RiceDec03-30.jpg (37099 bytes) CrossDec03-26.jpg (180623 bytes)
Fred Sandoval showed off two pine push-up assistants and his storage box made with hand-made dovetails.  The push-up assistants allow him to do pushups from the floor without his palms lying flat.
PushupDec03-11.jpg (97147 bytes)    SandovalDec03-31.jpg (59283 bytes)
John Gay described his first clock as an easy project.  Drill a hole in a piece of wood and stick a clock in it. Takes no "time" at all..heh..heh..  Three coats of sealer followed by two coats of tung oil then paste wax finish the clock.  The wrist watch, though "easy",  took a little longer.  He made it of red oak and maple.  The watch band pieces simply required setting up an assembly line.  John claims he made the wrist watch for his "big" brother.
            ClockDec03-14.jpg (103055 bytes)    GayDec03-32.jpg (46412 bytes)    WristWatchDec03-15.jpg (84360 bytes)  

Glen Edwards crafted this soccer clock for his Grandaughter, Ashley, who, guess what, plays soccer.  The base is cedar red wood and the ball was carved from a two inch thick piece of pine.

  SoccerClockDec03-16.jpg (119094 bytes)    EdwardsDec03-34.jpg (52089 bytes)
Bob Brayton smiles as he shows off his cutting boards of teak, purple heart, birch, mahogany and wenge.  They were first coated with Danish oil then followed up by coatings of vegetable oil.  The boards look sharp but I don't see how they can "cut"???
      CutBoardsDec03-40.jpg (125742 bytes)  BraytonDec03-36.jpg (79635 bytes)
Ken Fisher talks about how he crafted this almost adult sized rocking horse.  It is made of all 3/4 inch plywood, glued and screwed together to form thick pieces.  Carpeting lines the rockers because the floor on which it will sit is hard wood as well as carpet.  His friend, Mary Nelson, painted the horse.
           RockChairDec03-9.jpg (562486 bytes) FisherDec03-37.jpg (123081 bytes)


Monte Richard explained to club members how he scroll sawed these cedar Christmas ornaments to sell at a church fair.  Monte showed how he used a small quick grip clamp to keep the piece together and hold it steady as he cut the shapes.  He used a #5 or #7 scroll saw blade on the wings.  Monte says with a very sharp chisel he could clean the little burn marks off the wood.
  OrnamentsDec03-17.jpg (76518 bytes) RichardDec03-38.jpg (75130 bytes)
Gene Volentine made this walking stick of ash for his wife.  the knob is rosewood.  He fashioned a piece of copper pipe for the foot tip.  The stain in an anniline dye.  The finish is Minwax tung oil.
       CaneDec03-24.jpg (68408 bytes)  VolentineDec03-39.jpg (68093 bytes)  CaneDec03-25.jpg (57660 bytes)

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