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Jewelry Box (Brayton) Jewelry Box (Vandewerker)
Step Stool, Mirror Frame, Bulldozer, Model A Wine Cork Trivet
Portable Tool Box Dice and Dominoes
Ipe Table Poplar Top Table
Two Piece Chair Ferris Wheel
DeWalt Presentation

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Rob Brayton showed club members his jewelry box of red oak.  He used the Lehigh Dovetail jig to create the... well... dovetails.

          Brayton 8-03 030.jpg (54883 bytes)        JewlryBox-Small 8-03 021.jpg (141235 bytes)

David Vandewerker crafted his jewelry box of mahogany and finished with urethane. The curves were cut with the table saw at an angle. 


JewlryBox-Big 8-03 004.jpg (76068 bytes)


            Vandewerker 8-03 031.jpg (120318 bytes)      JewlryBox-Big 8-03 005.jpg (163619 bytes)

Denis Muras brought in several of his projects.  The step stool of cherry with beech base.  The frame for a mirror with purchased moldings glued up to made a finished project. The car is a 1929 Model A Ford.  Denis showed us a chain of tread links for a model bulldozer.  The bulldozer is ... maybe a... uh.. ..D10 Cat???  Now THAT is heavy metal... the real one anyway.

      CarModARoadster 8-03 023.jpg (156329 bytes)    Cat-Car 8-03 011.jpg (203722 bytes) Muras2 8-03 034.jpg (125169 bytes) Cat-Tread 8-03 012.jpg (144354 bytes)
MirrorFrame 8-03 022.jpg (109823 bytes)                Muras 8-03 032.jpg (39169 bytes)    Stool 8-03 001.jpg (82655 bytes)
 Gene Volentine clarified the source of the wine corks as coming from his neighbor... or did he say neighbors. It is a trivet of scrap wood with wine corks for the insert.  The bowl, candlestick and small clock were crafted by Gene also.
  Turnings 8-03 024.jpg (315113 bytes)       Volentine2 8-03 036.jpg (99042 bytes) WineCorkTrivet 8-03 015.jpg (179063 bytes) BowlTurned 8-03 026.jpg (127544 bytes)
This portable tool box was wonderfully crafted by John Gay.  It is made of mahogany and maple.  John demonstrated the little compartments and drawers that make up the interior.  John says that you have to view the image with a "special tool" to actually see what the image is.  I knew there was something I forgot do to after Show and Tell.
       Gay 8-03 037.jpg (110950 bytes)    Gay 8-03 038.jpg (38497 bytes)    ToolBox1 8-03 018.jpg (123262 bytes)    Tool Box 8-03 007.jpg (112879 bytes)


Dominoes and dice are neatly encased in cute little carrying cases that were finely crafted by Frank Dorr. Frank used wood imported from Costa Rica.
     DiceBoxSmall 8-03 028.jpg (116212 bytes)    Dorr 8-03 039.jpg (76243 bytes)    DominoBox 8-03 019.jpg (177512 bytes) 
This table of ipe (pronounced "eepay"), also known as Brazilian Cherry, was constructed by Rich Thomas. Rich used a penetrating wax as a presevative.
TableIPE 8-03 017.jpg (124940 bytes)          Thomas 8-03 040.jpg (80621 bytes)
Todd Burch explained that the two piece chair being held and inspected by Mike Kelly was made at his Katy Splinter Group from one of Mike Turner's designs.  The top of Todd's table is poplar, the legs are pine.  Cherry toner sets the finish.
ChairFold 8-03 044.jpg (75378 bytes)   ChairFold 8-03 045.jpg (92352 bytes)   Table 8-03 042.jpg (213023 bytes)   Burch 8-03 041.jpg (73460 bytes) 
Gerald Blalock painstakingly scrolled this working ferris wheel from maple plywood, 1/2 inch solid maple, and walnut for the base.  Two D-cell batteries turn the wheel.  Gerald took two and a half months and 2,518 drilled holes to complete this project, an entry into the Fort Bend County Fair.  He didn't win the blue ribbon so we suspect the judges weren't in their right minds that day.
FerrisWheel1 8-03 008.jpg (239636 bytes)     Blalock 8-03 047.jpg (97124 bytes)    FerrisWheel2 8-03 016.jpg (288455 bytes)
Representatives from DeWalt talked about some new tools being introduced to their line of commercial power tools.  You could see members drooling.
Alex Simas explained how the new cordless portable shop vacuum would be an asset to the well rounded shop.Dewalt3 8-03 050.jpg (82063 bytes)       Ivan  Orrego showed off the finer points of Dewalt,s new belt sander with speed control, dust collector and moveable handle.  Dewalt4 8-03 051.jpg (44300 bytes) Troy Thierry wowed club members with this 8 1/2 inch single compound miter saw.  The table has ends that extend to hold long pieces in place.Dewalt5 8-03 052.jpg (110418 bytes)

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