April 2003 Projects 


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Band Saw Box Table Saw Sled
Scroll Sawed Clock Spalted Pecan Table
Truck and Tractors Woodworking by Shaz
Dish Holder Third Coast Hardwoods

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Box1Apr03_07.jpg (23702 bytes)     Lon Kelley crafted this excellent band saw box.


KelleyApr03_16.jpg (37750 bytes) Box2Apr03_08.jpg (31192 bytes)



ScrollClock1Apr03_01.jpg (22040 bytes)  Paul Koury proudly showed off his duck wood oak scroll sawed clock. KouryApr03_17.jpg (39370 bytes) 

Scrollclock2Apr03_02.jpg (39222 bytes)


Denis Muras did a fine job with these tractors and truck.  Tractors are baltic birch plywood on walnut and mahogany.  The truck, an Apache Chevrolete, is of birch and mahagony.

     Tractor2Apr03_29.jpg (32642 bytes)     TractorApr03_15.jpg (25755 bytes)     TruckApr03_14.jpg (40476 bytes)  MurasApr03_18.jpg (44618 bytes)
Dean Hemphill started with the dish first then made the handle and rack to match.  The base is maple, the handle cherry.  The pattern in the handle is scrollsawed.

      Trivet1Apr03_03.jpg (19442 bytes)  HemphillApr03_19.jpg (25848 bytes)  Trivet2Apr03_04.jpg (16599 bytes)      


Marcus Brun showed us his table saw sled that he made of one half inch baltic birch plywood.  MDF or baltic birch plywood is always recommended for fences. 
Sled1Apr03_05.jpg (23028 bytes) BrunApr03_20.jpg (27347 bytes) Sled2Apr03_06.jpg (24973 bytes)

Shaz, owner of Woodworking by Shaz and our guest speaker for April, explained how he used spalted pecan and purple heart to craft this fine table. Shaz used a plywood base under the grooved top pieces.  Lacquer finished it.  He stressed that it is very important to set up your saws, jigs, etc. once and make all of your cuts to the same size at the same time.  Muy Importanto!

      Table1Apr03_09.jpg (36038 bytes)    ShazApr03_21.jpg (33338 bytes)    Table2Apr03_10.jpg (43042 bytes)    

 In this picture Shaz peers into a spalted pecan wooden bowl that he made.  Do you think he sees the future or his face? 


Shaz2Apr03_25.jpg (28033 bytes) These two pieces of a mantle are held up to show how they would look gracing someone's fireplace.  Another fine piece by Shaz Mantle2Apr03_26.jpg (41025 bytes)

Mantel1Apr03_23.jpg (25790 bytes)

  Some examples of Shaz's raw materials.      

  Sycamore doors by Shaz

Frames by Shaz
WoodSamples1Apr03_24.jpg (30224 bytes) RaisPnlDr1Apr03_12.jpg (37481 bytes)     RaisPnlDr2Apr03_13.jpg (30510 bytes) FramesApr03_22.jpg (40021 bytes)

 Jim Mann, owner of Third Coast Hardwoods, addresses the club.

MannApr03_28.jpg (21520 bytes)