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Lisa Sessions - Video Librarian

Video Tapes Available for Checkout by Members in Good Standing

Cabinet Making

Power Tools

Cabinetmaking made Easy Marc Sommerfeld

Bandsaw Tuning

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 101

Mastering Your Bandsaw with Mark Duginske

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 102

Shopclass Series Bandsaw

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 103

The Art of the Bandsaw Boxes

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 104

Shopclass Series Jointer & Planer

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 202

Shopclass Series Lathe

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 203

 Marc Adams Routing

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 204

Circle Work (Router)

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 205

External Guide Work (Router)

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 206

Freehand Routed Wood Signs Made Simple

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 308

Internal Guide Work (Router)

Faceplate Cabinetmaking 309

Professional Routing Secrets

Installing Hinges with Philip Lowe

Router Jigs and Techniques Mass/Fortune

Making Kitchen Cabinets with Paul Levine

Router Table Mount

Making Simple Face-frame Cabinets

The Versatile Router with Pat Warner

Marc Adams Cabinets

Shopclass Series Shaper


Shopsmith Mark V Demonstration

Mastering Your Tablesaw with Kelly Mehler

Carving Techniques and Projects

Shopclass Series Tablesaw

Chip Carving with Wayne Barton

Mastering Woodworking Machines Mark Duginske

Woodcarving with Tom Wolfe

Scroll Saw


Hawk Scrollsaw Demonstration

Finishing Made Simple

Intarsia with Judy Gale Roberts

French Polish with Jeff Jewitt

Making Collapsible Baskets

Hand-Applied Finishes Coloring Wood with Jeff Jewitt

Mastering the Art of Scroll Sawing with Jeff Zaffino

Refinishing Furniture with Bob Flexner

Scroll Sawing Basics, How to Turn them into Cash

Secrets for a Perfect Wood Finish with Bob Flexner

Scroll Sawing for Accuracy

Spray Basics with Michael Dresdner


Starting to Finish, Preparing the Surface with Michael Dresdner

The Woodfinishing Video with Michael Dresdner

Bowl Turning with Del Stubbs

Wood Finishing with Frank Klausz

Chatter Tools Methods

Furniture Making

Fancy Christmas Ornaments

I have a Lathe, Now What?

Building a Shaker Table with Kelly Mehler

John Jordon Bowl Turning

Chairmaking with Roy Underhill

John Jordon Hollow Turning

Doors and Drawers Made Easy

Projects Along the Woodturning Trail Alan Lancer

Folding Breakfast Table

Quick and Easy Bottle Stoppers

Hall Tree

Simple Projects

Measuring Furniture for Reproduction

Simple Secrets of Spindle Turning with Tom Flack

Mission Dresser with Chris DeHut

Tips for Turners with David Ellsworth Disk 1

Pedestal Table

Tips for Turners with David Ellsworth Disk 2

Repairing Furniture with Bob Flexner

Turned Boxes: The Basic Box with Ray Key

General Woodworking Techniques

Turned Boxes: The Capsule Box with Ray Key

Turned Boxes: The Finial Box with Ray Key

Guide to Perfect Glue-ups

Turned Lidded Boxes

Learn Woodworking the Easy Way

Turning Acrylic Materials

Shop Secrets from Master Craftsman

Turning Boxes with Richard Raffin

Small Shop Tips and Techniques Jim Cummins

Turning for Furniture with Ernie Conover

Woodworking Secrets: Tips & Techniques

Turning Pens with Rex and Kip Volume 1&2

Hand Tools

Turning Pens with Rex and Kip Volume 2

Turning Projects with Richard Raffan

David Charlesworth Hand Tool Techniques Part 1

Turning Wood with Richard Raffan

David Charlesworth Hand Tool Techniques Part 2

Wood Turning Projects with Rex and Kip #1

Planes with Roy Underhill

Wood Turning Projects with Rex and Kip #2

Precision Preparation of Chisel for Accurate Joinery

Wood Turning Projects with Rex and Kip #3

Rob Cosman's Hand Planing and Sharpening

Wood Turning Projects with Rex and Kip #4

Sharpening Tips for Chisels, Plane Blades & Knives

Woodturning Getting Started Right Alan Lancer

Wooden Planes & Cabinet Scrapers

Woodturning Tops

Home Construction

Wood Bending

Basic Stairbuilding with Scott Schuttner

Marc Adams Wood Bending

Cutting and Installing Crown Molding

Woodworker Profile

Framing Floors and Stairs

Framing Walls

Sam Maloof Woodworking Profile

Installing Doors and Windows with Tom Law

Tage Frid Woodworking Profile

Installing Trim with Craig Savage

The Woodwright's Shop

Log & Timber Building with Roy Underhill

Sanding and Finishing Hardwood Floors with Don Bollinger

The Woodwright's Shop Season 1

Inlay & Laminate

The Woodwright's Shop Season 2

The Woodwright's Shop Season 3

Inlay Work

The Woodwright's Shop Season 4

Marc Adams Laminates

The Woodwright's Shop Season 5

Marc Adams Marquetry

The Woodwright's Shop Season 6


The Woodwright's Shop Season 7

The Woodwright's Shop Season 8

Biscuit Joinery with Hank Metz

The Woodwright's Shop Season 9

Biscuit Joinery, Build a Bookcase with Frank Klausz

The Woodwright's Shop Season 10

Dovetail a Drawer with Frank Klausz

The Woodwright's Shop Season 11

Making Mortise-and-Tenon Joints Frank Klausz

The Woodwright's Shop Season 12

Marc Adams Joinery

The Woodwright's Shop Season 13

Radial Arm Saw Joinery Curtis Erpelding

The Woodwright's Shop Season 14

Router Joinery with Gary Rogowski

The Woodwright's Shop Season 15

Router Mitre

The Woodwright's Shop Season 16

Router Spacer Joinery

The Woodwright's Shop Season 17

Miscellaneous Projects

The Woodwright's Shop Season 18

The Woodwright's Shop Season 19

Making Picture Frames with Stuart Altschuler

The Woodwright's Shop Season 20

Making Shaker Oval Boxes & Carriers

The Woodwright's Shop Season 21

Small Shop Projects: Boxes

The Woodwright's Shop Season 22

The Woodwright's Shop Season 23

The Woodwright's Shop Season 24

The Woodwright's Shop Season 25

The Woodwright's Shop Season 26

The Woodwright's Shop Season 27

The Woodwright's Shop Season 28

The Woodwright's Shop Season 29

The Woodwright's Shop Season 30


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