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01 Woodworking Wisdom

392 pages divided into four part : Design & Construction, Tools, Techniques and Materials


02 Woodworker's Problem Solver

311 pages of 512 Shop-Proven Solutions to your most challenging woodworking problems


03 Woodworking: The Right Techniques

Making the most of your tools including jigs, set-ups, material for preparing stock for projects


04 Tips, Tricks & Triumphs

A gallery of some wonderful projects with lot of really cool ideas for the shop


05 Member Insights & Project Ideas

Tips and methods known to a few + a Gallery of photo ideas for gifts, shop, home & garden



06 Member Hints & Projects

Great Hints like using a hot lawnmower to bend PVC pipe and some really nice outdoor projects


07 Member Favorites: Shop Tips & Project Successes

The greatest teacher is Experience the second Greatest Teacher is other peoples experiences


08 Member Tips & Problem Solvers

Advice for Transporting Material to screwing old shoes to buckets for dry walling and other great tips


09 Member Tips & Projects

Reference material a gallery of projects and shop for those in wheelchairs


10 Member's DIY Secrets

Carefully Guarded Secrets are exposed as well as a gallery of before and after photos


11 Guide to Building Materials

Material codes and installation tip for Masonry, Ceilings, Floors, Roofs, Wiring & more


12 Home Woodworking Projects Vol. 1

32 Projects including a Library Table, Pine Pantry, Step Stool, Portable Workbench & more


13 Home Woodworking Projects Vol. 2

34 Projects including a Rolling Tool Cart, Nesting Office, Mission Lamp & more


14 Toys & Accessories

23 Projects including a Domino Set, Jigsaw Puzzle Box, Bathtime Boat & more


15 Workshop Projects

24 Projects including an Entry Bench, Double Rocker, Wainscot, Portable Desk & more


16 Classic Woodworking Projects

16 Projects including an Adirondack Chair, Mission Rocker, Tavern Mirror & more


17 Jigs, Fixtures & Setups

320 pages of almost anything you can think of for your tools and shop


18 Woodworking Treasures

16 Projects including a Deluxe Tool Chest, Night Stand, Jewelry Box, Rocking Horse & more


19 Woodworking Skills & Project

Complete plans and techniques for 7 projects including a Cherry Hope Chest, Entertainment Center & more


20 Woodworking With Sheet Goods

13 projects using different kind of sheet material including specs for different types and working with them


21 Woodworking Essentials

All of the stuff you need to set up your shop including clamps, jigs and other stuff


22 Tools & Skills: Workshop, Plumbing & Wiring

Setting up shop with tools and skills to improve your skills


23 Tools & Techniques

Making the most for the workshop, plumbing and wiring projects


24 Power Tools

Tips and techniques on the correct use of and maintaince of hand held and fixed mounted power tools


25 Hand Tools & Techniques

Using hand tools for Measuring, Sawing, Clamping, Drilling and all sorts of tools to use correctly


26 Success with the Router: Techniques & Tips

Using the Router safely as well as information on bits and accessories and plans for jigs


27 Table Saw & Techniques

Setting upthe Talbe Saw as well as making jigs for special and using it corectly


28 Encyclopedia of Furniture Making

520 pages of Techniques, Design, Construction, Photos, Details & more


29 Furniture Repair & Refinishing

Tools and materials, regluing, refurbishing hardware, types of stripping choices and finishing methods


30 Woodworking Projects: Furniture & Accessories

36Projects including a Sundial, Exterior Light Post, Prairie Windmill, Dry Sink & more


31 Built-In Plans & Techniques

11 Projects including a Home Theater, Breakfast Booth, Room Divider & more


32 Home Improvement Encyclopedia

512 pages for doing everything form wallpapering to redesigning your home



33 Home Remodeling: Floors & Ceilings

Gallery of Ideas, Types and insulation of different materials, trim, textures and styles for your home


34 Home Remodeling: Walls, Windows & Doors

Gallery of Ideas, Types and insulation of different materials, trim, textures and styles for your home


35 Trim Carpentry

tips on the basic trimming as well as detail instructions for wall treatments, window and doors & more


36 Home Plumbing

Step x Step Plumbing repairs, replacing existing fixtures and adding new systems


37 Everyday Home Improvement Vol 1

Adding or repairing Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Windows and Doors as well as exterior repairs or maintaince


38 Everyday Home Improvement Vol 2

Adding new plumbing and electrical stuff as well as section on basic tools to use and repair work


39 Home Remoleling Projects

From preparing areas for doors and windows to adding rooms and justifying remodeling vs. moving


40 Home Repair Problem Solver: Structural Edition

Both interior and exterior problems plus a listing of names and numbers to find answers to your questions


41 Updating Kitchens & Baths

Design new space, installing cabnets, plumbing, lighting and more and a gallery of ideas


42 Guide to home Emergencies

What to do when Water, Sewage, Electrical, Structural, Natural & Self-Inflicted Emergencies Happens


43 Home Woodworking & Finishing

Planning projects using different types of material and a wide range of finishing from clear to paint


44 Exterior Home Repairs

Fix it- don't replace it with tips and techniques for roof leaks, siding flaws, concrete and more


45 Exterior Repairs & Projects

Replacing and repairing Roofs, Sidewalks, Gutters, Brick, as well as painting and siding problems


46 Landscape Structures & Decks

Building Walkways, Water Gardens, Walls, Fences & Gates and whatever plans you may have for Decks


47 Outdoor Woodworking Projects

35 Projects including an Outdoor Storage Center, Park Bench, Luminary, Boot Butler & more


48 Yard & Garden Structures

Planes for a Gazebo, Gateway, Greenhouse, Shed, Composting Pen, Landscape Bridge & more


49 The Perfect Yard

Weed & Pest Control - Creating, Maintenance, Tools, Seasonal Guide and other information


50 Backyard Woodworking Projects

18 Projects including an Art Deco Hammock Stand, Porch Glider, Planters & more


51 Deck & Landscape Construction

Details on Materials, Planning, Construction Methods for Home Improvement Projects


52 Backyard Living: Member Recipes & Projects

Plan for a Grill and lots of really good and tasty recipes for cooking out doors


53 Member Kitchens

Improving pantries with sliding shelves and a lot of really tasty Recipes